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Rogers Aeroscience RASAero Aerodynamic Analysis and Flight
Simulation Software

By Charles E. Rogers and David Cooper

NEW! Download the New RASAero II (Version Software

New and improved aerodynamic and flight simulation models, and now multi-stage capable.

Now supports nested upper stages. (Upper stage motor slides into booster.)

New protuberance drag models added (for missile raceways, camera shrouds, fin brackets, etc.).

Download RASAero II Comparison with MESOS 293K Flight Data

RASAero is a combined aerodynamic analysis and flight simulation software package for model rockets and high power rockets, amateur rockets, and sounding rockets.  RASAero can also be used for predicting aerodynamic coefficients for use in other flight simulation programs for orbital rockets.

The RASAero aerodynamic prediction methods are the most accurate available for model, high power, and amateur rockets, and are of equivalent accuracy to professional engineering method aerodynamic analysis codes used for missiles, sounding rockets, and space launch vehicles.

In testing in comparison with high power rocket barometric altimeter data, optical tracking data, accelerometer-based flight data, and GPS flight data, the average error in the RASAero flight simulation apogee altitude was 3.47%, with 80.6% of the flights within +/-10%, and 41.7% of the flights within +/-5%.

The RASAero aerodynamic predictions include drag coefficient at zero degrees angle of attack, drag coefficient with a non-zero angle of attack, and lift coefficient and normal force coefficient with angle of attack; for both power-on (thrust phase) and power-off (coast phase).  Center of pressure is predicted both as a function of Mach number and as a function of angle of attack.  Aerodynamic coefficients are predicted for the subsonic, transonic, supersonic, and hypersonic flight regimes, from Mach 0.01 to Mach 25.

The RASAero aerodynamic prediction methods and the RASAero software have been calibrated against NACA and NASA wind tunnel model data, free-flight model data and sounding rocket data, missile aerodynamic data, and professional engineering method missile aerodynamic analysis programs, against which in comparison tests RASAero has demonstrated equivalent numerical accuracy.

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